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Spinal Muscular Atrophy       

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God Gives Us Strength

Posted by Cashel Gardner on October 10, 2012 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (2)
I saw this post from my mom, Sandy Antolik Gardner and I wanted to share it;
it is so weird, sometimes my foot or body just HURTS and I feel like I HAVE to sit down for a little while or I will collapse but I have 2 children on ventilators that require so much care and there are things that HAVE to be done for them no matter what. I think "How can I do it? My body is breaking down and I can't move another inch!" Then next thing I know I am up and I am not only doing the necessary things but I am stocking supplies and doing thing that could wait till morning and in the middle of doing it I stop and I think "HOW? How do I feel so good and have the energy to keep moving?" that's when I stop and Thank God for repairing my body to keep up with my heart.
I have never wished I could stand or walk so I could play and run or just to be a regular kid, but I HAVE wished I could so I could help my mom.
Do you know what it is like to lay there and watch her do all she does? She doesn't stop working from the time she gets up in the morning till she finally goes to sleep at night (which is around 2 am) then she is up every 2-3 hours to give medicine or add food and water to our nighttime feedings. You can find her either right next to my bed or Allie's bed at all times caring for us. I can even see her STANDING in the kitchen eating her meals.
I thank God for my mom, my dad and Matt they work hours and hours doing EVERYTHING for Allie and me. Even my little sister Emily will come running when she hears me say that my eyebrows itch or Allie's movie is over and she can't change the channel.
You wanna know the most amazing thing about it though?





My family makes us feel like we are gifts to them and even with ALL the work we need they would do 1000 times more to keep us here and happy. Now THAT sure makes a person feel special and SO LOVED! Hope each of you feel that in your life too :)

Tules Springs and Halloween City Trip

Posted by Cashel Gardner on October 10, 2012 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)


Hi Everybody! I had a GREAT day out yesterday! It was so nice outside, we went to a big park just down the street from my house, it used to be called "Tule Springs", they changed it's name to Floyd Lamb State Park, but it was known as The Divorce Park back in the old days because people could get a divorce easy here in Vegas but they had to be residents, so they would come and live on the ranch for 8 weeks to say they are residents and then they could get a divorce. Crazy huh?! It has a lake, fishing, horses, ducks and peacocks! I have never seen a peacock in real life, they are SO PRETTY! One even walked right up to me and there was an ALL WHITE one! I thought I had never seen a horse in real life but my mom said I RODE ONE when I was 3 years old! When we were standing there one went to the bathroom! Well, I KNOW I have NEVER seen THAT in person! Man, now I know what my mom means when she says " I have to pee like a horse!" LOL!!!


After that we went to a HUGE Halloween store. It had some cool stuff! Matt and Jake were cracking me up with the masks and wigs! Hope you all had a GREAT weekend too, what did you do?



First Things First

Posted by Cashel Gardner on October 3, 2012 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (2)

First things first,


Well, change of plans, my mom found out today that Justin Timberlake and all the celebrities are ONLY golfing Wednesday and we had everything set for Friday. (my dad, Matt and my best friend Jake all took the day off of work to go) Oh Well! My mom said she would find something else for us to go do. I mean come on we live in Las Vegas there has to be SOMETHING going on! Movies, dolphin habitat, Batman Live......I will keep everyone posted.


I had a good day today, Allie seemed like maybe she was getting sick last week but my mom worked hard on her, gave her extra breathing treatments,* percussions* and kept cleaning out her nose with saline and she had a great weekend and seems fine now. Mom said it must be allergies.

*treatments= medicine that is inhaled into the lungs to open them and loosen the mucus build up. Albuterol, Xopenex, Pulmacort)

*percussions= we have a machine that is like a air compressor that shakes your chest to loosen up any mucus that builds up and can cause sickness or pneumonia. we wear a vest or a wrap around our chest and hook the percussor hose to that, it blows up the vest and then shakes it really fast. It shakes quick and fast with short bursts of air so it moves the inside of us but it doesn't shake our body around.






Update turned Blog

Posted by Cashel Gardner on October 1, 2012 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Update turned Blog......

Ever feel like there is something crawling on you?

I had a Great time in my chair tonight and helping decorating! Thank You everyone for your fun wishes to me. We made a graveyard in the front entryway. We glued tombstones to the wall and ran purple lights with a fence and straw along the wall and ground, it looks really cool, my mom is going to put a little fogger in it too. I got to tell you though, I think the most fun I had was watching my mom have to keep chasing the cats out of all her stuff! They would get in the straw and drag it all over the floor and we almost had a scene from Christmas Vacation, Loki started chewing on one of the strand of lights! LOL (:O

Now to answer a couple questions from the audience....

What are we going to dress up as for Halloween?

We haven't dressed up the last 3 years because we can't go trick or treating in our neighborhood anymore. Our wheelchairs are too big and we can't get to the doors. We don't eat by mouth anyway so we don't need the candy anyway. We used to like to go out and just see all the kids in costumes but no one really goes out anymore, it kind of got boring. So, we started a new tradition 3 years ago, we move out to the couches in the living room, turn off all the lights and watch a scary movie on the big screen TV! Scary movies to us were Ghostbusters the first year, Beetlejuice was 2nd and last year we moved up a little scarier to The Village. That was scary but ended up not scary :D Not sure what we will watch this year....... BUT, I do think we are going to dress up and go to Emily's Girl Scout Halloween Event, it is called Trunk or Treat and it is in the parking lot of the cemetery down the street! That sounds fun and kind of spooky!

Why do I stay in bed all the time?

Bed vs. Wheelchair
There are good and bad sides to everything same goes to the question of laying flat in bed or sitting up in a chair. I actually prefer to stay flat in my bed. I love having my wheelchair it is fun, I love moving around and going places but on a daily basis I choose bed (come on, you know wish you could too ;) ) On my bed I have my TV and computer, which if you know even just a little about me you know I am on my computer 24/7. My mom lets me keep it on all night. That started over a year ago when for some strange reason my tonsils swelled up and I couldn't talk for about a month. So, at night my mom left my computer on in case I needed her for anything I could use it to yell for her. Eventually my tonsils went back to normal but I still just kept my computer on all night anyway. I usually don’t go to bed till around 4am but if I do wake up I check my page. (Can you say obsessed?) LOL I am getting a Dynavox set on my wheelchair but it is limited on what it can do. 2nd reason I don’t go in my chair on a daily basis is it hurt my back after a while. I have no muscle so it puts a lot of pressure on my bones. My mom put an egg create mattress on it and it is MUCH BETTER. And last is because I don’t have a heater for my vent on the chair. The heater warms and moistens the air that goes in my lungs so they don’t dry out and cause a plug*

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog; I am really enjoying writing them. If you have anything you would like to know or want me to write about in my next blog just let me know. FYI, my next outing will be Friday Oct 5th, we are going to Justin Timberlake’s Celebrity Golf Tournament! I can’t wait! Thank You ALL for being so caring and supportive to me and my work.
God Bless you and your families,
Love, Cashel*

*A plug is when the mucus in your lungs get dried up and it actually plugs your airway and you can’t breathe. Some plugs can be suctioned out easily but some get stuck and can be VERY dangerous.

*Cashel is pronounced Cash ul (most think it is Ca shell) hope that helps :)


My First Blog!

Posted by Cashel Gardner on May 12, 2012 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This is where I do my brainstorming. I am guessing the reason I do so much thinking in the bath is because the is no computer or TV in there to keep me occupied. Anyway, this is where I came up with the idea for SMA IT FORWARD and it has just suprised the heck out of me. What has suprised me the most is the caring people that have reached out not only to me and Allie but to ALL the AMAZING SMA kids that are on my page. They say the nicest things that make the families feel loved and renewed in their fight and they comfort the families that have lost their children. So, I feel like I have acomplished a lot already. Thank you! Wonder what I will think about in my next bath and I wonder if Einstein took a lot of baths?